Thursday, 11 October 2012

Cousin Wedding Anniversary

Last weekend i attended my cousins wedding anniversary for her 20th year..waaa so proud of her wish that she will will be happily ever after like each fairy tale that i`ve watched..haha...And I hope that us will be like that..hihi..The ceremony was held in Royal China Restaurant, never been here before, only go at de junctions saja la watch live bands..the food is nice and the place also not bad, quiet good for some special occasions. Have the opportunity to meet up with some of my long lost contact cousins, she also invite me to her wedding this coming Dec, hope that i can make it la because i know that it will not be in KK since her fiance is not from here ka if im not mistaken..but i will try my best..really have a blast fun that nite. Meeting up with all of them showing that we still can be kamceng like we used to be when we are kids, now only work and distance that make us difficult to gather. okla cut the crap, let`s see some picturess....

Cuzz and hubby Chua

us during the yam seng ceremony haha

us cousins..mum side
me and him - yea i kno im getin fat...bla..bla..bla..will start my zumba nex month hope to get a good result..;p

Thursday, 26 July 2012

I wAnT a nEw hAiRstYle...

okay guys..when is the last time i change my hairstyle?hurmm....lemme tink on 1st February wher i bring back my fringe hair and straighten it all over..

Now my hair is getin boring ody wher i got dis very dampy looking hair...

dat`s my latest hairstyle rite now..yeah..i kno im getin fat...haha..chubby face :p

So listed here are some of wat in my mind for the new hairstyle..^^

very dark brown wavy hair wit fringe..

Brownish black wavy wit centre part hairstyle

Very dark black wavy curly hair

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My E`day - 7/7/12

After being busy like crazy for about a month, now im back to write more stories bout wat hapen in my past few days pnya life..hihi....wee~ looks at pic,bkn propose tuk kwin ah..but for engagement, yea..we been togetha too long, like 5 years and a half ow..can i say dat we hv such a gud chemistry togetha dat`s y we can stand dat long in a relationship..duh~ we r not dat lovey dovey pnya purrfect couple ah, we do fight a lot like seriously all the time, nah~ psl distance agak jauh la, we manage to pull it togetha and make it happen until we engaged!! 1 step closer to become Mrs & Mr la kunu...hehe..Evertin goin well la, hv a blast crazy party smpi like 2 days sy hangover owh..a.k.a koguts~ huhu...ok la enough wit the let`s see some pictures..hehe...randomly ja sy upload ni, terlampau byk jd ksi msuk skit2 ja..can view from my fb la for full album..haha..~

my looks for me e`day

from the side

front looks
we`re engaged!!!

our cake..modify design by me~weee like it so much..

cutting cake ceremony..haha p/s yg suap2 ceremony ble view from my fb album ya..hihi

ksi sign ja~signing session

officially my fiance 

yummeh~hehe..eat2 togetha ^^

family photo, tda yg centalized so just take dia funny moments ^^

Imi.c & Cindy.c
Our Engagement Day

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Loves In February

Every valentine day we will choose a nice yet romantic place to celebrate the day..hee..last year we went to Manukan dis year my b oni can take half day leave, so we just went to Bukit Kokol cz we have been talkin about goin ther like a millions time ody, so at last our planing suceed..weee~ wat we do ther? just takin photos like crazy and chit chatin while watchin the wonderful views..its such a lovely day for me and im happy dat we can spend our time togetha like dat..hee ^^ okay just 1 pics attached here..haha..for more pic just visit my fb ya..cheerss~

Sunday, 24 June 2012

What happen in January...

hollaaa....i want to give a brief update bout the things dat happen in my life dis year 2012...a lot of it had been slip out cz of my bz schedule. So now started form the beginning,but oni update the important event saja la..haha...
~ The month of January~ 

Guess wat happen in January? weee~ my sweet aunt e`day...another family reunion, hope they have a blast future ahead togetha..xoxo~ here are some pic attached ^^

Their E`cake~ theme cny~ cz cny is just around the corner.

The hantaran

welcum to the Chew`s Family~ 

Cheersss~ si bebe haha

My Familiaa


Familia again~

I like to move it~move it~

hye2..activity for today, after a long wait..hehehe...akhirnya can go to watch my most fav movie..1 and 2 now 3..weee.....okay explanation for the long wait ya..hv to wait for my buzz cuzz czz tdk best watch wit him..oya im a big fan of cartoon movie..if u wanna watch movie wit me make sure u can stand watching cartoon for dis movie..mmg terbaik dr ladang...haha...owez funnay...^^ next mission is we want to watch brave and Abraham`s a must...weeee~ okay so tired ni..continue my post tomolo ya ^^ nanite all~ 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hollaaa....i`m back!!!

Okay..i kno lately..hurm...okla dr last year la ah..mmg sy din do any posts...y?ntahla.mmg mlas kali, nutin to blog? jua...a lot of things happen in my life workin?naaa....bkn mlas ah,bkn choosy ah (p/s a bit la) blum jumpa yg now just concentrate on my biz ja la dlu...booringggg....okay wat im tryin to blog is bout me special day..opppsss...heee....after a long journey of relationship wit last he/we decided to get into more serious business here haha, we`re getin engage!!! when?next month..weee~ im so happy and excited actualy..he proposed haha askin for my hand on my wonder he takin me into a very romantic dinner..heee will post bout my bday surprise diner..i just can`t believe it all..mcm dlm mimpi..hahaha..eseseh..jiwang ready?hurm..5 years ow, mestila ready cz i kno him pretty well la, and i kno yg diala the chosen 1 for me..hurm..hope he feels the same as me..^^ duh~ ok wat i want to do next? preparin and preparin for my big day la kn...ok i kno nutin is perfect but i hope wil run smoothly least kn..dunnoe after dis bla la sy blog lg kn..but i wil try to update often la...^^ ok la nanite all..;D
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